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Great news! The guys at HotRod Hotel are having a Grand Opening Car Show on September 14, 2013 from 10am- 4pm. There will be live entertainment, foods & drinks, raffle prizes, and best of all, LOTS of cars! Everything from cool classics and muscle cars to completely custom hot rods will at the Costa Mesa location. View the flyer for more details.

HotRod Hotel Grand Opening Car Show 2013 Flyer

During my trip to Vegas, I visited the Shelby Car Museum (didn’t even know it was here!). Super hot, but super cool. It was like a mini HotRod Hotel!

Chris & Dale have been hard at work on Joe’s car over the past few weeks. I stopped by today & it was glistening in the sunshine, almost 100% done! There are some miscellaneous things to still take care of, but she looks ready to rock and roll. She starts, she runs, she’s shiney, and she has a whole new carpet kit – almost showroom floor new.

*Original gallery has been updated – to view more pics, please refer to the original blog post, here.


This past weekend, I visited my good buddies at FRSport during their Top Drift Round 3 – Streets of Willow at Night event. Here are some pics from the Qualifying session – it got a bit too dark to get good pics after that (and I started getting pretty tired). It was super fun & I got to get really close to the action since I was a photographer. There were all sorts of cars and engine configurations. The LS1 setup into a “rice rocket” seems to be gaining a lot popularity, as well as a lot of smoke during drifting.

Of course, there were still the good ‘ol Mustangs giving a good smoke show as well.

More pics here: Top Drift 2013 – Round 3 – Streets of Willow at Night

This is another one of HotRod Hotel’s customer’s cars: ’66 Mercury Caliente w/ a special ’62 Ford block. Dale recently finished fixing some leaks and mechanical fine-tuning on this Caliente.

Joe’s Car

During the past few weeks, the guys at HotRod Hotel have been helping Joe w/ his beautiful blue Corvette. Currently, the engine is out and having some work done while the engine bay itself is getting prepped for paint. 100 point car, here we come!

Update June 14, 2013: The engine bay got some primer. It’s coming along nicely. Slideshow above updated.

Update June 28, 2013: Dale, Chris, and Eddy install the engine back into the ’66 Corvette after the engine bay received final paint. Slideshow above updated.

Update July 7, 2013: Dale & Chris have been hard at work putting the final touches on Joe’s car. Slideshow above updated.

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