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This past weekend, SCCA held its first CAM (Classic American Muscle) Challenge of 2016. It was great seeing all the cool cars & people. Below is a slideshow of some of the cars at the event; pictures can also be seen in the media section. I’m partial to the orange Corvette myself, but there were lots of sweet rides.

Mustang Fun

This past weekend, I got to take some runs in my weekend/fun car (a 2015 Mustang GT Convertible, all stock on all season tires) at a local autocross.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve tested the car, but this was the first time it was wet for part of the day – car did admirably. Definitely nice having a car I can mess around in while the race car is awaiting parts.

The guys at the HotRod Hotel have been super busy with projects (as you can see on the facebook page). The latest project underway is a restoration project of a ’52 Buick Roadmaster. Chris has been hard at work putting Mustang 2 front-end on the Buick. It’s looking great!


Aligned & welded.


Primered & ready for paint.


Primered & ready for paint.


Mmm, shiny new hardware!


Which project next?


The guys at HotRod Hotel are busy detailing & fixing cars. How are you getting ready for July 4th?

The underside of a '41


Mustang Detailing

Daily Driven Mustang!

You just can’t have too many 62 Impala’s! The Hotel is filling up quick. Only 10 available spaces left Inside. Call today to reserve your space!

'62 Impalas

After what seems like an eternity, the 240sx project is finally coming together. With a lot of help from Dale & Chris, the car finally made its autox debut this past weekend at El Toro, CA. As with most projects, we were up until the wee hours of the morning getting the final alignment and double checking. Even then, after morning runs, we had to recheck & adjust some bolts, nuts, and fluids. She ran GREAT! Lots of little stuff to still do, but overall the car feels pretty solid. My good friend Donny from was able to take a few pictures of me & the car.

QV at 2014 SCCA RD 4-005

QV at 2014 SCCA RD 4-008

QV at 2014 SCCA RD 4-010

I also was able to get a video from a fun run I did on Sunday:

The boys at the HotRod Hotel are making some progress on Ed’s 1950 Willys. It’s receiving a monstrous heart: a V6 Turbo with Quadrajet carburetors (the kind you find in a ’71 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with a 429 block). This little Willys is going to go FAST! Can’t wait to see it finished.

V6 Turbo Engine being dropped into 1950 Willys

V6 Turbo Engine being dropped into 1950 Willys

Dan’s been working hard on his cars, and he’s very recently got all of them running! His Charger, Challenger, and El Camino are all working great. Congrats & get ready for those car shows, Dan!

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Thank you to all the customers, friends, and enthusiasts who visited the HotRod Hotel this past weekend. Pictures from the event are shown below in a slide show. Gallery pictures can also be seen in the media section. A good time was had by all; see you around OC!